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Ignite Lift Kit Pint & Pint X

Ignite Lift Kit Pint & Pint X

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The Ignite Lift Kit provides your board with over 1" of extra clearance that will enable your board to clear steep inclines you never thought possible without slowing you down while off-roading!


You can also flip our kit upside down allowing you to lower your board!


No modifications are required to the wiring harness and the lift also provides reinforcement to the rails so you are far less likely to bend them. With our easy install design all you will have to do is flip your hub, which allows extra slack to ensure the wiring harness is not strained so no damage will come to your wires, and bolt it on. And now the impossible has been made possible!


Patent Pending




1 Pair of Ignite Lifters

8 Titanium Mounting Bolts

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